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Wilsons Bird of Paradise

Comprehensive West Papua [5th July – 1st August 2019]

This tour can either be done as an exciting and comprehensive tour or be broken up into three parts. It visits the less well known half of New Guinea, West Papua. Visiting all the major birding areas and also the island of Numfor, this is an excellent comprehensive itinerary. Travelling from the high-altitude sites around Lake Habema to the mid-altitude Arfaks and the islands of Biak, Numfor and the Raja Ampats allows a wide range of habitats to be visited with an exciting bird fauna with many endemics.


Participants need to be in good health and of a good fitness level. West Papua is a country of steep rainforest clad mountainsides and while we will try to keep them at a minimum, there will be steep muddy trails to be negotiated, especially in the Arfaks. Rain can be expected and while the area around Lake Habbema, at around 4000m will be quite cold especially at night, it is likely to be quite hot and humid in Biak and the Raja Empat islands.


Accommodation in many areas will be basic landowner lodges, with camping at Lake Habbema. However there are nights at pleasant western style hotels at regular intervals throughout the tour.

Tour Information & Price (Group of 6)

29 Nights, 30 Days
Part 1 Land Cost (15 Days):
USD$6,575.00 per person Twin Share (2017 Cost)
Part 2 Land Cost (11 Days):
USD$4,925.00 per person Twin Share (2017 Cost)
Comprehensive Land Cost (26 Days):
USD$ 10,815.00 per person Twin Share (2017 Cost)
Single supplement:
USD$17.00 per night (2017 Cost)
Group Size:
6 clients
Tour Information & Price (Group of 8)

29 Nights, 30 Days
Part 1 Land Cost (15 Days):
USD$5,490.00 per person Twin Share (2017 Cost)
Part 2 Land Cost (11 Days):
USD$4,105.00 per person Twin Share (2017 Cost)
Comprehensive Land Cost (26 Days):
USD$ 9,075.00 per person Twin Share(2017 Cost)
Single supplement:
USD$17.00 per night (2017 Cost)
Group Size:
6 clients

Costs will include accommodation, transfers, land travel in West Papua, meals, site fees, guide services & bird list. Flights are given as a separate cost (approximately USD$1600 for the 30 day tour, USD$900 for PART 1 tour and USD$700 for PART 2) and this is not guaranteed until booked and paid for. Drinks, snacks and items of a personal nature also are not included.

Featured Tour Video – Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

Download 2017 West Papua Tour Itinerary

West Papua Suggested Tour Itinerary


Day 1: Meet with guide on Biak. Birding around Biak looking for Biak Paradise Kingfisher, Yellow-bibbed and Claret-breasted Fruit-Doves, Geelvink Imperial Pigeon, Biak Red Lory, Biak Coucal, Biak Hooded Pitta, Long-tailed Starling, the rare Biak Scops Owl, Biak Monarch Biak White-eye, Biak Leaf Warbler, Biak Fantail and more.

Day 2: Birding around Biak for those birds that we missed the first day.

Day 3: Travel to Numfor. Birding on Numfor. The key birds will be Numfor Paradise Kingfisher and other Geelvink Bay endemics including the newly split Numfor Leaf Warbler.

Day 4: Birding around Numfor for those birds that we missed the first day.

Day 5: Early morning departure to Biak and then balance of day birding Biak for whatever we still need.

Day 6: Fly Biak to Jayapura (Sentani) and travel up to Nimbokrang.

Day 7: Birding Nimbokrang. Here we hope to see Greater Black Coucal, Variable, Hook-billed and Blue-black Kingfishers, Papuan Nightjar, Dwarf Koel, Tan-capped (White-eared) Catbird, Jobi Manucode, and perhaps the rare Brown-headed Crow and Pale-billed Sicklebill.

Day 8: Birding Nimbokrang.

Day 9: Return to Sentani and bird the area. Lesser Birds of Birds of Paradise are amongst the birds found in this area and there are waterbirds including Black Bittern around the lake.

Day 10: Fly from Sentani to Wamena in the Baliem Valley. Bird around town for Baliem Whistler, Black-breasted Mannikin and Superb Bird of  Paradise.

Day 11: Drive from Wamena up to Lake Habbema. Splendid Astrapia, MacGregor’s Honeyeater, Snow Mountain Quail, Salvadori’s Teal, Alpine Pipit, Painted (Snow Mt) Tiger-Parrots, Mountain Firetail, Black-mantled Goshawk and Archbold’s Bowerbirds can all be seen in this area.

Day 12: Birding Habbema. Lower down there is a chance of Alpine RobinGreater Ground Robin, Western Crested Berrypecker and both Papuan and Black Sittellas.

Day 13: Birding Habbema.

Day 14: Drive back from Habbema to Wamena and overnight in a local hotel.

Day 15: Fly back to Sentani from Wamena.


Day 16: Fly from Sentani to Manokwari and head straight up into the Arfaks.

Day 17: Birding the Arfak. This is a great birding area with a number of rare and endemic birds including Arfak Astrapia, Black and Buff-tailed Sicklebill, Long-tailed Paradigalla, Western Parotia, Vogelkop and perhaps Masked Bowerbird, Black-mantled Goshawk, Rufescent Imperial Pigeon, Mountain and Feline Owlet Nightjars, Vogelkop Whistler and Ashy Robin are among the birds that may be seem.

Day 18: Birding the Arfaks. Other birds that can be seen are Vogelkop Melidectes, Green-backed Robin, White-striped Forest Rail, Magnificent Bird of Paradise and Papuan Lorikeet.

Day 19: Birding the Arfaks.

Day 20: Birding the Arfaks.

Day 21: Travel back to Manokwari for a night at a hotel.

Day 22: Fly from Manokwari to Sorong. A number of interesting birds can be seen fairly nearby including Red-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Black Lory, Papuan Pitta, Greater and Lesser Black Coucals.

Day 23: Take the boat over to Waigeo. Our targets here are Wilson’s and Red Birds of Paradise but there are many other good species that can be seen as well including Western Crowned and Pheasant Pigeons, Red-billed Brush-Turkey, Beach Kingfisher, Large Fig-Parrot, Spot-winged Monarch and Raja Ampat Pitohui.

Day 24: Birding Waigeo with a boat trip for the amazing Great-billed Parrot at roost and Spice Imperial Pigeon.

Day 25: Birding Waigeo.

Day 26: Return by boat from Waigeo to Sorong. Those not continuing on the extension will depart for home.


Day 27: Take the high-speed ferry to Kofiau where we will spend 2 nights looking for the two Kofiau endemics Kofiau Monarch & Kofiau Paradise Kingfisher.

Day 28: Birding Kofiau.

Day 29: Birding Kofiau.

Day 30: Take the high-speed ferry back to Sorong, departure for home.

Trip Reports

Trip Reports

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