Wednesday , 19 February 2020

Throughout the Pacific there are small island groups often with their own endemic birds. They range from the larger New Zealand, New Caledonia to the far flung islands of Vanuatu, Fiji and Samoa. It is often possible to combine island groups though this is not always the case due to airline scheduling. Check with us to see which of the different combinations work.

These fascinating island archipelagoes and groups have many rarely seen endemics and with around 70 in the Solomons, 50+ in New Zealand and 20 or so in New Caledonia and Fiji. They include some exciting endemic families such as kiwis, wattlebirds, New Zealand wrens and Stitchbird in New Zealand and the legendary Kagu in New Caledonia. Other exciting birds including 3 species of large spectacular shining-parrots in Fiji, some astonishing fruit-doves including the sunburst-like Orange Dove from Taveuni and the strange and enigmatic Silktail from the forests of that island.

The Pacific Islands

New Caledonia

This week long tour spends most of the time on the main island of Grand Terre but also visits Lifou and Ouvea in the Loyalty Islands. These can be done as day trips though sometimes an overnight on Lifou is preferred. Difficulty This tour is open to anyone with a moderate …

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