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A short 5 day tour for Tasmania’s endemic birds and some of its iconic mammals. We visit Bruny Island where all of the endemic birds can be found and also Mountain Valley in the north-west where Tasmanian Devils and Spot-tailed Quolls are frequent visitors to the verandahs.

At certain times of the year extensions to Melaleuca for Orange-bellied Parrot and the Strahan area for Ground Parrot or even a pelagic trip out into the southern ocean are possible. There are great photographic opportunities on this tour.


This is not a difficult tour.  Distances are not great and the roads are generally good. There are no long hikes.


Accommodation is generally comfortable but not high end.

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Tasmania Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival

Meet with guide and head out to Bruny Island. where all the Tasmanian endemics plus some good mammals can be found.

Day 2 – Photography on Bruny

There will be a lot of opportunity to photograph birds and animals over the course of the day Amongst other activities we will visit a penguin rookery and, weather permitting also take a short night drive looking for nocturnal animals and birds.

Day 3 – Travel to Mountain Valley

After breakfast we will head back to the mainland and up through the center of Tasmania to Mountain Valley. Here the normally shy Spottailed Quolls and the rare Tasmanian Devils come up onto the verandahs of the cabins at night to feed. Photographic opportunities abound.

Day 4 – Photography at Mountain Valley

There are a number of trails around the bird rich local area. The amazing Duck-billed Platypus are found in the creeks and there is an opportunity to visit a local glow-worm cave.

Day 5 – Return to Launceston.

After breakfast we will return to Launceston via the Tamar Wetlands before arriving at the airport to take our onward flights.

Tasmania Tour 2015

Our trip to Tasmania was fantastic! I told Buford and our guide that it was the best birding short trip that I have ever had after thirty plus years of birding trips. Actually, I cannot find adequate words to tell how good a trip it was. Everything fell in place and fullfilled our birding desires. The guide was wonderful. I will never forget the wonderful time I had. I got twenty-one lifer birds and saw more mammels than I had hoped to see.

John, USA


John, USA