Friday , 24 November 2017

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New 2018/2019 Brochure

Our new brochure which showcases our most popular tours and lists the tours planned for 2018/2019 seasons at the time of its publication is now published. Of course we will undoubtably add a few more as requests are made so keep your eyes on the website for new additions and the latest news …

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Featured Tour Video - Mt Hagen Show - PNG Birds & Culture

Birds & Culture - Mt Hagen Show

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Roger Jaensch

As a boy Roger learnt about birds and their nests and explored wetlands around the family orchard on the Murray River and Lower Lakes in South Australia. His tall height was already an advantage in these pursuits! With encouragement from parents and other adult mentors, he developed a lifelong interest in birds and their conservation. Roger’s  33 years as a professional …

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Kelvin Marshall

Home for Kelvin Marshall is North Queensland, Australia where he is employed as a full-time interpretive driver/guide with a strong focus on nature based touring.  He considers himself to be a perfectionist and is extremely passionate about his subject matter especially in relation to the preservation and protection of wildlife species and areas both here in Australia and South East …

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Arco Huang

Taiwan local guide and worldwide birding tour leader, Arco Huang has had a lifetime interest in nature and wildlife in general. Arco started nature guiding in 1996. Years of mountain and nature guiding have given him an intimate knowledge of Taiwan’s richest habitats. In 2010, he eventually took a job as a specialist bird tour guide and worldwide birding tour leader. …

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