Friday , 28 July 2017

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New 2017/2018 Brochure

Our new brochure which showcases our most popular tours and lists the tours planned for 2017/2018 seasons at the time of its publication is now published. Of course we will undoubtably add a few more as requests are made so keep your eyes on the website for new additions and the latest news …

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Featured Tour Video - Mt Hagen Show - PNG Birds & Culture

Birds & Culture - Mt Hagen Show

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Taste of New Guinea 7: New Britain

A short 7 day birdwatching  trip to the island of New Britain, part of the Bismarcks of the eastern end of the PNG mainland. Staying in Rabaul in East New Britain and at the famous Walindi Dive Resort in West New Britain there is access to a large number of habitats and height bands. Although primarily designed for birders both …

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Taste of New Guinea 8: Manus

A great short 7 day birdwatching trip to the island of Manus where the target bird is the beautiful Superb Pitta. While the number of other endemic species is limited and some need good weather and a trip to Tong Island, the Pitta makes the trip a must for serious birders. Difficulty This is not a difficult tour. There are …

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West Papua

An exciting and comprehensive 25 day tour to the less well known half of New Guinea. Visiting all the major birding areas and also the island of Numfor, this an excellent itinerary for seeing the endemics. Travelling from the high altitude sites around Lake Habbema to the mid-altitude Arfaks and the islands of Biak, Numfor and the Raja Empats allows …

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