Friday , 24 May 2019

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New 2018/2019 Brochure

Our new brochure which showcases our most popular tours and lists the tours planned for 2018/2019 seasons at the time of its publication is now published. Of course we will undoubtably add a few more as requests are made so keep your eyes on the website for new additions and the latest news …

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Featured Tour Video - Mt Hagen Show - PNG Birds & Culture

Birds & Culture - Mt Hagen Show

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This 15 day tour is a great chance to see some of the rarest birds in the world and visit the cultural masterpieces of Angkor. The tour starts in Siem Reap where we explore the temples and bird the surrounding countryside including the Greater Adjutant colony at Prek Toal and the ATT marshes. We visit the open forest of Timatboey, …

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Visit Mongolia, famous as the home of Ghengis (Chinggis) Khan and the epicentre of migrations of people that changed the course of history in Asia and Europe. Mongolia currently has the world’s lowest population density, with much of the country still being dominated by nomadic herders. This nomadic lifestyle leaves much of Mongolia still a place of vast wilderness and …

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The Bali Starling & More

This 7 day tour is to the island of Bali in Indonesia which is famous for its beaches and party lifestyle. However, it is also a great place for birds and there are a number of sites around the island where birding can be very rewarding. Much of the western part of the island (Bali Barat) has been given over to the large …

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