Friday , 28 July 2017

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New 2017/2018 Brochure

Our new brochure which showcases our most popular tours and lists the tours planned for 2017/2018 seasons at the time of its publication is now published. Of course we will undoubtably add a few more as requests are made so keep your eyes on the website for new additions and the latest news …

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Featured Tour Video - Mt Hagen Show - PNG Birds & Culture

Birds & Culture - Mt Hagen Show

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Sri Lanka – Birds & Wildlife [30th November – 16th December 2017]

Sri Lanka is a birdwatcher’s paradise. With an avifauna of over 400 species of which 34 are endemic with many more being shared with the Indian subcontinent. The best time to visit for birdwatching is from December through to March when large numbers of Palaearctic migrants swell the numbers of resident birds and when the onset of the dry season makes …

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This exciting 4 day tour offers you the opportunity to bird this rarely visited region – the newly opened and long geographically isolated island of Socotra. Lying off the coast of Somalia, Socotra was separated from mainland Arabia and Africa in prehistoric times. Its isolation has allowed an enormous number of endemic species (over 330 identified so far) to develop. Of the 140 recorded species of …

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